Let’s make Okonomiyaki! – Moon’s style!

Good morning to another beautiful moonday!

Today I would like to share with you how I make my okonomiyaki – though I guess how I make it is like a mix of okonomiyaki and modanyaki. To be honest you can really get creative as long as you have to basic ingredients, which are flour, water, egg and cabbage. I really loves okonomiyaki so I ended up making it a lot at home. I learn how to make simple okonomiyaki here before I started adding my own little tweaks. When I made it for the first time I made mistakes by putting too much cabbages so it actually look like fried cabbage coated in batter. It was pretty bad, but I did learn from it and ended up making delicious okonomiyaki after many trials and errors. Alright, enough typing, I’ll move on to how to make okonomiyaki – Moon’s style. This recipes can make around 5 – 6 large okonomiyaki.  Continue reading