What I learned from studying in South Korea

Hello Moonday!

Today I will talk about another aspect of my life other than travel. Though I guess it somehow counts as a travel post since I am in a different country? Anyway, I was offered an amazing opportunity to do a university exchange to South Korea. My exchanged university was KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) at Daejeon campus. The exchange runs for one months, it was a summer semester study. Great time to escape from winter in the southern hemisphere to be honest! I took a philosophy class, however this post won’t be about what I learned academically but rather a general experience with people, the city and the difference between studying in South Korea compare to Australia.  Continue reading


Breaking Bad (Habits): What’s my breakfast?

Hello moonday! Today we are taking a break from travel posts! Meet my breakfast, he is very healthy and full of colours. It’s like a fruit bowl! My, my, I am in love!

For the past two years I never have proper breakfast, under a misconception that the less I eat the more I can shed a few kilos. But the thing is, I never lose any weight, more so, I actually gain. So now I’ll start eating properly, I have been eating breakfast for a week now and I really enjoy it. I really want to start changing my bad habits, and little by little I want to have a healthier lifestyle.

So by waking up 30 minutes earlier everyday I was able to give myself enough time to prepare breakfast. For anyone that likes to prepare breakfast the night before, this recipe is great for that as well! You can prepare it in your bowl, refrigerate and eat it in the morning! Continue reading