What I learned from studying in South Korea

Hello Moonday!

Today I will talk about another aspect of my life other than travel. Though I guess it somehow counts as a travel post since I am in a different country? Anyway, I was offered an amazing opportunity to do a university exchange to South Korea. My exchanged university was KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) at Daejeon campus. The exchange runs for one months, it was a summer semester study. Great time to escape from winter in the southern hemisphere to be honest! I took a philosophy class, however this post won’t be about what I learned academically but rather a general experience with people, the city and the difference between studying in South Korea compare to Australia. 


I will be honest here, I loves hows the classes work in South Korea. Each students are encourage to get involved and by the end of the course everyone knows more about each other and we gets closer. As much as I am extremely shy and never ever participated in class discussions, I really appreciates the fact that my professor really encourage everyone to speak up. He would hand over his microphone to everyone in class and make sure everyone get to talk and gives their opinion. Ever since I completed the course I feel much more confident about speaking in front of class when I came back to Australia.

Food and Shops

Not sure if it’s the same in Seoul, but in Daejeon most shops near my uni closed on Sunday. Even department stores like Homeplus closed every second Sundays. It was a bit of a shock when I first arrives at my dorm on Friday and thought I can go and buy foods and home appliances on Sunday. Turn out the shops are closed and I have to eat McDonalds for lunch and dinner. Good thing is, food in Korea are cheap especially street food. At the university, cafeteria food are super cheap and full size meal price range from 5$ – 8$, some are actually more delicious than outside. I am in love with how affordable and delicious the food are around my uni. Though most important thing I learn from this is about budgeting.


Living in a new country with no one I knew before might sounds a bit daunting. But all the international students are on the same boat! The domestic students go out of they way to make sure we feels welcome and there are many social events that allow students to do activity together. Being in a differently country really helps me gain more confident talking with people.

Studying oversea was my first experience living by myself and I loves every moment of it. I would do it over and over again! I’ll end this article here! See you another moonday!


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