My top 3 beaches on the Gold Coast

Hello moonday, today we are getting away from oversea travels and will talk more about something closer to home. It’s finally summer time in Australia, which mean I’ll have to make a summer related post!


Good morning from Burleigh Beach!

I live in Gold Coast, Australia, for ten years. If you’ve been here you would probably know this city for it’s beautiful beaches, night life and theme parks. After all that’s what we are best known for as a tourist destination. Though to another Australians, Gold Coast is quite notorious for drug as well, but I won’t go into that. So here I’ll introduce three of my favourite beaches on the Gold Coast. 

1. Burleigh

Burleigh beach is extremely popular and easy to access. From a personal opinion I think the waves are bigger and there are more surfers here. I just love the food culture in Burleigh, right next to the beach there are rows of restaurants and cafes. It just feel more local here as oppose to a more upscale and tourist catered area like Surfers Paradise. Plus one of my favourite part about Burleigh beach is that you can go for a little hike to Burleigh Headlands and there’s an awesome view at the top where you can look at the city.

2. Kirra

This one is a bit far from the city, I just like Kirra beach because not a lot of tourist come here. On a clear day you can even see the whole of the Gold Coast. To be honest I only come here for the pizza buffet but now that the store closed down, I have no reason to travels that far out of the city anymore *laughing*. However if you do find yourself want to come here, you won’t regret it! The wave here are so calm and the beach are so quite, if you are coming here with a big family this is a beach I would recommends.

3. Surfers Paradise

Despite trying to go to a quieter beach to escape from tourists, Surfers Paradise beach is actually the one I visited the most since it’s on the way to my University. It’s quite beautifully kept up and extremely clean since it’s the most popular beach on the Gold Coast. The cityscapes are right next to the beach offer a nice contrast between nature and constructions. What I like about here is that the beach is right next to the shops and extremely easy to access, being in the middle of the city and all.

That’s all for my list! Have you ever been or lived on the Gold Coast? I would love to know your favourite thing to do here. I’ll be back on another moonday!

Bye bye!




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