Hiking in Fushimi Inari Shrine

Hello! And welcome to another Moonday!

Today I would like to share my time in Fushimi Inari Shrine. I spent about half day here before heading off to Osaka in the afternoon. I left my luggage in a locker in Kyoto station, there are no large size locker at JR Inari Station unfortunately. Hiking through the Torii gates is extremely easy, you can go at your own leisure pace or stop and turn back anytime. It is free the enter and the shrine was absolutely stunning. There’s a food store right next to the shrine that starts to set up around 10 – 11am for lunch, selling common Japanese street food like yakisoba and fried chicken. So you can grab a bite before the hike or after (or both!). Anyway, let’s move on.

A little information about Fushimi Inari Shrine. Located at southern Kyoto, the Shinto shrine is famous for a long network of torii gate. The trail of torii gate can be access at the back of the shrine which lead through the forest of Mt. Inari. The hike up to the summit takes approximately 3 – 4 hours. However I am a little tight in schedule that day so I only make it up to Yotsutsuji intersection which takes less than an hour to reach. At the intersection you can sit by the rocks and have a rest. It offer an awesome view of Kyoto as well!

There’s multiple entrance to enter the trail to summit. It doesn’t matter which one you take as it all merge into one before reaching Yotsutsuji intersection. The most famous one is the two parallel torii gate called Senbon Torii. Somehow I manage to missed it  and enter a different gate further back of the shrine.


I starts here!

The maintenance at the beginning of the trail is extremely well done. It just feel so calm and peaceful walking under the torii gate, you are pretty much illuminated with orange light throughout your hike. However the closer the reach the intersection you’ll  noticed to the torii gate starts to look worn down and are not as close to each other compare to the beginning of the hike.


Sorry I am not photogenic

Once you hit the intersection you’ll have to choice to walk down a path to rest at the lookout or keep walking. I’ve decided I had enough hiking for today so I took a rest.


View from Yotsutsuji intersection lookout

On my way back I actually found the Senbon entrance so I stopped there to take a photo. It actually quite difficult to get a shot without any people. I have to stake out at the place for while until there’s an opportunity.


I really do find the colour gorgeous!

I finish my little hike around 1pm and rewards myself with a delicious rice cake? Please help! I don’t know what it call! but it absolutely yummy.


Light snack

I actually finished what I wanted to do earlier than expected so I decided to walk around the area outside the shrine. It have a really great atmosphere full of restaurants, cafe and souvenir shops. I havn’t took a lot of picture on this day because my phone battery was draining super fast. I ran into a cat cafe so I thought it’s a perfect chance to check out a japanese cat cafe and grab a snack/ charge my phone before I head over to Osaka. Hence, I stopped to relax at Neko Cafe Time for an hour.

And there you have it! Half of my day at Fushimi Inari Shrine, I hope you enjoy a light read! See you back on another moonday!


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