A day in Nara (Temple visit and deers!)

Hi there! Welcome back to another moonday!

I wanted to share some pictures and my experiences of Nara, the deer hub of Kansai. I actually stayed in Osaka as a base and doing Nara as a day trip. It only takes 30 – 45 minutes to get to Nara, depending on where you are in Osaka. The main reasons I want to go to Nara was mainly for the cute deers. However I made an effort to walk from JR Nara station to Kofukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha, while stopping to feed the deers along the way.

Arriving at JR Nara station after 12pm I walked to the tourist information centre (next to the station) to find a map. It was a bit of a gloomy spring sort of day, so it quite cold! I wanted to visit Kofukuji Temple first which was super easy to find from the station. You only need to walk a bit straight down the road, around 15-20 minutes! The five story pagoda situated at Kofukuji Temple served as Nara’s landmark, as well as being the second tallest pagoda in Japan. So you can’t miss it!

After walking around Kofukuji, I walk to the park next door the buy some deer biscuits. It costs around 150 yen for a pack, each packs have 5 biscuits in total, and believe me, those biscuit will disappear fast! I ended up buying six packs throughout the day.


Deer biscuits – I bought two for now!

I stopped for a couple of minutes to feed the deers before heading of to Todaiji Temple. It was quite fun, however I actually wish I save the deer biscuits for later instead of using it all up at once. There is actually an area in Nara park where most of female deer and the baby reside, I actually wish I had saved up the biscuits to feed them. I think it’s somewhere near Todaiji Temple. Here are by three favourite deer snapshot of the day. They are just too adorable, I love watching animal interact with each other.

Ok, it’s time to talk about Todaiji Temple, since we are it Nara we might as well visit Japan’s most historically significant landmark. It is one of the oldest wooden structure in Japan! Todaiji Temple is home to the great buddha statue (Daibutsu). Before entering the temple you’ll have to walk through Nandaimon Gate, which are guarded by two statue of the Nio Guardian Kings. I believe that Todaiji Temple was definitely worth visiting. It’s just too beautiful to not go and a lot of effort goes toward keeping the infrastructure looking great after hundred of years.

After visiting Todaji Temple I make by towards Kasuga Taisha via Mount Wakakusayama (which was more like a small hill). Along the road there is a few restaurant where I stopped to lunch, tempura, I am kinda kicking myself right now for not taking a photo of my food. my phone battery was running out right around this moment so I didn’t take a lot of photos after this.

So at my last destination, I actually enjoy visiting Kasuga Taisha the most out of all the landmarks in Nara. Reason being was that it was so close to nature, the animal and the plants, it’s wonderful to take a moment to appreciates it all. The paths to the shrine was surrounded by huge trees and everything just look so lush and green from the moss growing. Not to mention how there’s a few deer walking around. Kasuga Taisha was actually famous for lantern, hence why the paths are lined with stone lantern and inside the shrine many lantern are hanged up. It’s quite fascinating!

I spend my whole trip walking around. Nara is a very small city, it’s quite easy to navigates. If you’re not in a rush and loves walking I would recommends seeing all the landmarks on foot. I was quite sad that I did not arrives in Nara earlier since I would love to spend more time here. That is all for my Nara adventure blog. I hope you enjoy reading and I hope my photos gives you insights on this wonderful destination.

See you next time!


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