East Kyoto on Foot

Hi there! We are back again to another moonday, another travel post!

This time I would like to share with you the map/path that I use to explore East Kyoto on foot. Walking in Japan is extremely easy and cost effective, not to mention that it’s a great way to cover ground since most places are so close to each other. As written earlier in my post on Arashiyama, dividing Kyoto into different sections (North, East, South, West and Central) is a great way to experience what Kyoto have to offer. That is if you don’t have a time constraint. 

Here is the map of my whole paths and where I stopped. I didn’t actually get to walk around the whole Eastern part of Kyoto since I started my walk at 2pm, however you can use it as an idea for your own travels, right? I finish the whole course in 3 – 4 hours walking at an average pace. I’ll explain more below.


Starting out at Shijo subway station I make way north to Nishiki market. From there I walk eastward towards Tenmangu Shrine. Nishiki Market is a roofed market offering variety of snacks, dried food, seafood and well all things at Japanese market has to offer. Though you might see more green tea products in Kyoto than other city. After a brief stop at Tenmangu Shrine I walk a bit south until I hit the main road where I continue east until I cross the bridge to explore Gion.


After crossing the bridge I head north to walk along the river. From there I decided to head east to walk along a small steam of river that run through Gion. Along to river you can find rows of cherry blossoms planted along the water, and if you’re lucky you might run across a maiko.

After walking through Gion I headed southward towards Yasaka Shrine. I entered via the main entrance of the shrine and exited at one of the southern road near a medium sized pond.

I begins to head south from where I exited Yasaka Shrine to an area called Higashiyama. Along a small street that I walked on I came across Kodaiji Temple. I didn’t get to entered since I really want to make it to Kiyomizudera Temple before closing time. Higashiyama was filled with tourist and it’s get stuffy to walk around in, not to mentioned that it’s quite difficult to get a good photo opportunity there. I finally made it to Kiyomizudera where I rested up until almost closing time. Higashiyama actually get quieter after 6pm if anyone like to explore at night time. Although most shops there will be closed by then.

I actually use a similar path to walk back to Shijo subway station. So there you have it! My walking map of Eastern Kyoto. Next time I go back to Kyoto I’ll definitely spend a whole full day doing this again so I won’t feel rush during the whole walk. Plus there are still so many things I didn’t get to do.

Thank you for reading this! I really hope it helps someone out there!

See you next moonday 🙂


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