Japan Itinerary (19 days)

Hi! We are back to another moonday! Really no one will know for sure when I will post another blog, I should have a schedule. Sorry.

Anyhow, I am brainstorming what sort of contents/blogs to write on my website. If anyone have recommendations please let me know. I really appreciates all the support. One of the topic I wants to write about is my travel itinerary. So here we go!

I think sharing travel itinerary is important in helping others compare and plan their travels. When I did research about travelling to Japan I always struggle with knowing how much time is enough for staying in each city. But in the end it’s really depends on what activities each individual want to do in each city. I visited Japan in March 2016 and I’ll post the original itinerary and will make brief comments on where I go.

*disclaimer* I stay with my best friend in Tokyo so some activities might be a bit harder to do if you don’t have a car. For all the other cities I travels alone and take public transport.

Day 1 (Tokyo, arrives at 6am)

I starts heading out after lunch to Shibuya crossing, Shibuya 109 building, Hachiko statue, Harajuku, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Observatory in Shinjuku. Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku are quite close so it doesn’t take long to visits these place on the same day. 

Day 2 (Tokyo)

I spend the whole day in Disneyland with my best friend.

Day 3 (Tokyo)

I got jet lag and woke up really late. We heads to Ikebukuro and spent the whole day there. If you love anime like me, spending 5 hours in Animate will feels like 30 minutes. Time sure fly by when you are fangirling.

Day 4 (Tokyo, side trip to Mt. Fuji)

I feels really lucky when my best friend’s uncle wants to drives us to Mt Fuji. It was an extremely long road trip. We left home at 6am and arrives at 11pm. Poor uncle was extremely tired. On the way back to Mt. Fuji we visited strawberry farm and winery in Shizuoka as well as drives along Atami to see the sea at sunset.

Day 5 (Tokyo)

After a long road trip, the next day we have a relaxing day. My friend’s grandmother gave me calligraphy lesson and in the late afternoon we head off to Asakusa to visit the famous Sensoji Temple. After, we took a ride on the jinrikisha around Asakura and walk along Nakamise Shopping Street.

Day 6 (Hiroshima)

After saying goodbye to my best friend and her family I head down to Hiroshima on the Shinkansen. I arrives in the afternoon and catch the tram to pay my respect to Hiroshima peace park. In the evening I went for a walk around the downtown area. It took me 45 minutes to walk from Peace Park to Hiroshima station where my accomodation was.

Day 7 (Hiroshima, side trip Miyajima)

I spends the whole day in Miyajima (8am – 5pm). You can read about my visit here.

Day 8 (Kyoto)

After dropping off my luggage at my hostel it was already 1pm. I head over to Nishiki Market to grab something to eat and spends the rest of my day exploring Eastern part of Kyoto.

Day 9 (Kyoto)

On this day I dedicate my time to explore Arashiyama on a bicycle. I was a bit sad I ran out of time and did not get to visit the monkey park. You can read more about my adventure in Arashiyama here.

Day 10 (Kyoto)

I took the bus to visit heritage sites in Kyoto. Which was Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji Temple. Today was a relaxing day. After my temple visit I went back to explore some more of Gion and Nishiki Market. I was tempted into visiting a Bengal cat cafe as well.

Day 11 (Osaka)

In the morning I check out of my hostel and do some hiking at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Again, I was tempted into visit a cat cafe and didn’t get to Osaka until late afternoon. In the evening I head out of my hostel to check out Namba.

Day 12 (Osaka, side trip Himeji)

I spend the whole day visiting Himeji Castle. I brought a double ticket to see both the Castle and the Garden. However I lost my ticket to the garden so I brought myself an ice cream.

Day 13 (Osaka, side trip Nara)

I woke up a bit late and didn’t arrives to Nara until 12pm. I wish I have gotten there earlier so I can do all the things that I wanted.

Day 14 (Osaka)

In the morning I visited Osaka Castle and later heads to Osakako to the Aquarium. I purchase a ticket to enter both the Aquarium and use the Ferris Wheel. It was a spectacular sight looking at Osaka on one side and the ocean on the other. Osakako is like a port area in Osaka.

Day 15 (Kanazawa)

I decided to be lazy and just walk around Kanazawa station on this day since I arrives in the late afternoon.

Day 16 (Kanazawa, side trip Takayama)

I did a side trip to Takayama, I didn’t realise the travel time to be so long. I feels like I spend too much time travelling on the train. Next time I visit Japan I would like to come back to visit Takayama again and stay overnight instead of going there and coming back to Kanazawa. This way I feel like I can experience more that Takayama have to offer.

Day 17 (Kanazawa)

I rent out a bike in the morning and explore the whole city. It was so much fun and today was the first day I see the cherry blossom in full bloom.

Day 18 (Tokyo)

I am back again to Tokyo and the cherry blossom was in full bloom here as well. My best friend, her uncle and aunty pick me up from Tokyo station and we head over to Akihabara. It was a Sunday and the road was closed in Akihabara to allow people to walk on the street. After Akihabara we go to Ueno Park to walk under the cherry blossom.

Day 19 (Tokyo, departs 8pm)

My last day in Japan and I wish it would not ends. I spends today with my best friend’s family. They were so kind to me, I feel as part of their family as well. Grandma teaches my how to make sushi and we all says our final farewell to each other before I leave.



Reachhhh ~~

This conclude the end of my itinerary. I hope this can helps anyone planning for a trip to Japan. bye bye!

I’ll be back on another moonday!


2 thoughts on “Japan Itinerary (19 days)

  1. The itinerary is nice. But will you consider to tell a little about the places you saw, interesting bits of things that happened to you on the way etc? In that way you can either break up the 19 days into a few blog posts or short stories.

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