What I learned from studying in South Korea

Hello Moonday!

Today I will talk about another aspect of my life other than travel. Though I guess it somehow counts as a travel post since I am in a different country? Anyway, I was offered an amazing opportunity to do a university exchange to South Korea. My exchanged university was KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) at Daejeon campus. The exchange runs for one months, it was a summer semester study. Great time to escape from winter in the southern hemisphere to be honest! I took a philosophy class, however this post won’t be about what I learned academically but rather a general experience with people, the city and the difference between studying in South Korea compare to Australia.  Continue reading

My top 3 beaches on the Gold Coast

Hello moonday, today we are getting away from oversea travels and will talk more about something closer to home. It’s finally summer time in Australia, which mean I’ll have to make a summer related post!


Good morning from Burleigh Beach!

I live in Gold Coast, Australia, for ten years. If you’ve been here you would probably know this city for it’s beautiful beaches, night life and theme parks. After all that’s what we are best known for as a tourist destination. Though to another Australians, Gold Coast is quite notorious for drug as well, but I won’t go into that. So here I’ll introduce three of my favourite beaches on the Gold Coast.  Continue reading

Birthday Post: Best Friend’s Gift from Japan

Hello to a special moonday!

Yesterday was my birthday and I am officially nineteen years old! One more years and I will no longer be a teenager, it’s quite scary and exciting. There’s so many things I wish I want to change about myself. I am slowly dealing with one problems at a time. No rush. Today’s post have no special purpose, I just want to do a special birthday gift opening. I actually opened it a few weeks ago, it was an extremely early birthday present all the way from Japan from my best friend and her family. I think our ten years anniversary is coming soon? It’s been so long! Thank you so much for staying friend with me, I am so happy!


A look at the box!


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Hiking in Fushimi Inari Shrine

Hello! And welcome to another Moonday!

Today I would like to share my time in Fushimi Inari Shrine. I spent about half day here before heading off to Osaka in the afternoon. I left my luggage in a locker in Kyoto station, there are no large size locker at JR Inari Station unfortunately. Hiking through the Torii gates is extremely easy, you can go at your own leisure pace or stop and turn back anytime. It is free the enter and the shrine was absolutely stunning. There’s a food store right next to the shrine that starts to set up around 10 – 11am for lunch, selling common Japanese street food like yakisoba and fried chicken. So you can grab a bite before the hike or after (or both!). Anyway, let’s move on.

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Let’s make Okonomiyaki! – Moon’s style!

Good morning to another beautiful moonday!

Today I would like to share with you how I make my okonomiyaki – though I guess how I make it is like a mix of okonomiyaki and modanyaki. To be honest you can really get creative as long as you have to basic ingredients, which are flour, water, egg and cabbage. I really loves okonomiyaki so I ended up making it a lot at home. I learn how to make simple okonomiyaki here before I started adding my own little tweaks. When I made it for the first time I made mistakes by putting too much cabbages so it actually look like fried cabbage coated in batter. It was pretty bad, but I did learn from it and ended up making delicious okonomiyaki after many trials and errors. Alright, enough typing, I’ll move on to how to make okonomiyaki – Moon’s style. This recipes can make around 5 – 6 large okonomiyaki.  Continue reading

A day in Nara (Temple visit and deers!)

Hi there! Welcome back to another moonday!

I wanted to share some pictures and my experiences of Nara, the deer hub of Kansai. I actually stayed in Osaka as a base and doing Nara as a day trip. It only takes 30 – 45 minutes to get to Nara, depending on where you are in Osaka. The main reasons I want to go to Nara was mainly for the cute deers. However I made an effort to walk from JR Nara station to Kofukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha, while stopping to feed the deers along the way.

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